MTB Desert Classic Meet & Greet, SOMO

Good turn out for the Desert Classic Meet and Greet that I organized via the Mountain Bike Phoenix Facebook group. Way more people than I expected. We had Charlie, Dan, Paul, Connie and Ben, Ken and Christi, Ray, Justin, Ralph and his wife, and Eric. We even ran into Rob, an old analog friend of mine, on the trail.

We dropped quite few early on. I understand that someone fell on the first hill. I hope everyone is ok.

We met at Pima Canyon. Headed west on Desert Classic. Branched right at Secret Trail. Right onto Corona de Loma saddle. Back down to Desert Classic. Left (east) on Desert Classic back to Pima Canyon.

It was nice to see/meet ya'll. Hope everyone had fun or, at least, enjoyed the rest of their day. I'll schedule another ride for Trail 100 soon. Have a good weekend!

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