MTB Desert Classic out and back, SOMO

~5am >> hopped on Desert Classic at San Gabriel >> west on DC >> Secret >> Corona de Loma Saddle >> west on DC >> ridgeline approach to Helipad >> Helipad >> goat trail to Desert Classic >> west on DC >> concrete pad at Telegraph Pass >> turn around >> east on DC >> goat trail to Helipad >> ridgeline to Swamp Monster >> back to DC >> east on DC >> Corona de Loma saddle >> Secret >> east on DC >> San Gabriel

18.3 mi, ~2:40 hr:min, 2123 ft ascent

Kevin and I were joined by Mike of MTBikeAZ.com. Very cool to have a celebrity riding with us. ;) He's a friendly guy and a great climber - he made it almost all the way up the goat trail to the Helipad. Very impressive. Hope we can ride together again - I think I could learn a thing or two or ten from him.

Mike said Swamp Monster is also known as Dagobah.

The GPS track info here is Kevin's. I forgot to turn on tracking on my GPS again...gosh!

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  1. Celebrity? Ha! Thanks for the compliments. You are a gnarly climber yourself. Nothing you can learn from me. If I could only keep up with you, I might have a chance at learning...until then I'll just get schooled ;)

    Take it easy. Have fun on your next ride.