Itching for Geronimo.


Bombing down Geronimo. Approaching one of the sharp complicated switchbacks. Hit the rear brakes. Why am I not slowing down? Hit them harder...and harder. Still too hot to handle the turn. I guess I'll tap the front brake. Why is the ground coming up at me so fast? Endo!

My bad. Rear brake pad is worn down to the metal. I replaced those pads in December. Another bike part meets an early end due to too many times bombing down National.


Epic SoMo Loop

One of the best rides ever tonight. I hereby dub this route: The Epic South Mountain Loop. Epic South Mountain Loop at EveryTrail

Intervals on Javelina

Rode Javelina Trail 4 times last night. Great intervals. ~12 minutes of solid work followed by ~5 minutes of fun descent. Looking forward to DC+DCX+National today.


Whiskey Pre-ride

Rode with Zilka. He was riding strong. Lots of snow on trails.