easy Desert Classic ride

Fixed most of the creaking noises on the Turner and got out for a slow-paced Desert Classic ride. Rode from San Gabriel out to the base of Telegraph Pass and back. Stayed on DC the whole way except for taking Secret (AKA Sidewinder) on the way back. Took about 2 hours, I think. Long way to go to be ready for the White Elephant Parade!


Interbike Dirt Demo - report

It was HOT but the heat didn't stop the fun at the Interbike Dirt Demo. Spent time on old friends: '11 Sultan rides lighter and climbs better compared '08, SC Tallboy is total point-and-shoot mind-meld fun, & Pivot 429 is impressive (but don't ride the Tallboy or Sultan first). The new Pivot Mach 5.7 climbs like the Tallboy, descends like a Turner - I just felt cramped in the 26er cockpit. Hey Pivot, how about a 529?



Heading to Boulder City, Nevada for the Outdoor Demo on September 20, 21. Can't wait!