"Race Pace" intervals on Desert Classic

Humidity! Yuck! Sweatiest ride I've done in a couple years. Hands were slipping off my grips because my gloves were oozing sweat.

Ride started well - a rainbow appeared at sunrise. Full rainbow from horizon to horizon...and we headed right towards the middle of it on our bikes.

Three laps starting from the east end of Secret where it hits DC. DC to the bottom of Corona de Loma. Up and over the saddle. Back to start on Secret. Repeat.

Jonathan kicked ass as usual. Kevin flatted on the second lap. We did the last lap counter-clockwise so we could hook up with Kevin.


Intervals on Javelina

Rode up Javelina Trail tres times with Jonathan S. Hurt every time but I'm happy I did it...well, I'm happy to be done. Got even by taking Beverly Saddle home - Jonathan rides a full rigid.

Saw Mike Barqman of MTBikeAZ at the top of Javelina. He was headed uphill to get some fork cam of National.


Weekend rides in Sedona and Flag

Awesome temps and new-to-me trails this weekend. Friday evening in Sedona: Teacup > Soldier Pass > Brin Mesa > Dry Creek Rd > Chimney Rock > Thunder Mtn. Camped in Flag with Zilka. Saturday morning in Flag: Fort Valley Trail. All the trails were outstanding. Thanks to Lani for "allowing" me to go off to ride 'em


Riding with Jonathan S.

It's a big change hanging onto the wheel of someone who is faster and fitter than I am. All we did was ride Desert Classic out and back but my legs are jelly now. Thanks Jonathan.


Beer and riding

Ugh! Cooler weather this morning but that Cornish Pasty + Hoegaarden ale last night took its toll...not to mention Jonathan S kicked my butt - he's a full rigid, single speed animal. (East loop >> Javelina >> DC >> home.)


Trail 100

Hit Trail 100 this morning at 5:30. Beginning of the ride was nice - cloudy with a slight breeze and even a few cool rain drops. Got a pinch flat near the 7th Ave end. Took a long time to inflate the new tube (pump was just barely working - need to carry CO2). By the time I got back on the bike, the sun was out in full force. It was a real slog back to the car.

GPS unit stopped working. Shuts itself down after a couple minutes - even with new batteries. (~1 year old Garmin eTrex Vista HCX)


Desert Classic with Lani

Lani and I had a good sunrise ride on Desert Classic this morning.


DC + Helipad

And again. 95 degrees at 5:20. Sunrise at 5:35. Cloud cover from 5:45 to 7 made it tolerable. DC >> Secret >> CDL >> Helipad >> TP >> DC >> Warpaint loop >> Secret >> DC >> home.



My non-morning-person side is really annoyed with my cyclist side. [East Loop + Javelina + DC this morning.]



Off to the Helipad. Yay.


Good ride. The Cloud Gods provided shade until I started the climb up to the Helipad. Then the Hair Dryer Gods kicked in and blew hot wind in my face - which I guess was better than nothing.


Rode with Zilka in Prescott

Zilka and I rode the tail end of the Whiskey. Climbed up to Prietta and then bombed back to Prescott. Fun ride.



Burnt lungs. Muddy legs. Bugs in teeth. Roasted rotors. Sore smile muscles. Back in the saddle in CO. This place is amazing.