MTB 24 Hours of Fury, McDowell Regional Park

This was my first solo 24 hour race. It was held at the McDowell Regional Park north of Fountain Hills, AZ. Ride from noon on Nov 7 to noon on Nov 8. The course was a 10 mile loop on the race loops that start just inside the park. I finished 12 laps and placed 7th in my category.

I took long breaks between each lap. I couldn't imagine doing back-to-back laps without a break.

I had problems with toes and fingers going numb due to poor circulation and/or pinched nerves from spending so much time on the bike. [Since then, I bought Ergon grips and a nice pair of Specialized shoes that all but eliminate these problems.]

The battery on my bike like (JET HID) died half-way through my 7th lap. Had to ride back in the dark. This was entirely my fault as the light is rated for 3.5 hours and I tried to get 3 laps out of it (~1.5 hrs/lap). I don't know what I was thinking - I was beat by that time, so I wasn't doing a lot of thinking...

Lani and Rylan came to watch on Saturday and Sunday. They were there for the start and to see me off on my last lap and to watch me finish.

Kevin, Jo, Ian and Conner came to watch the start. Kevin returned in the evening - around midnight. He brought hot soup which was perfect since it was getting chilly. After he left I took a four hour nap on an air mattress I set up in our van. I felt much better after that and rode pretty much continuously from 4am to noon.

Looking forward to doing it again in 2009!

7th place, #86 HARRY TRAVIS, 12 laps

=== ======= ======== === ======= ========
1: 52:59 52:59 2: 58:46 1:51:45
3: 1:20:49 3:12:34 4: 1:38:47 4:51:20
5: 2:01:37 6:52:57 6: 1:57:31 8:50:28
7: 3:55:02 12:45:30 8: 5:47:13 18:32:43
9: 1:22:35 19:55:17 10: 1:10:12 21:05:28
11: 1:19:09 22:24:37 12: 1:05:47 23:30:23
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