MTB Fantasy Island, Tucson

I uploaded some routes to MotionBased a couple years ago. Just testing to see how well this blog and MotionBased play together. Looks pretty good!

Flat, fast single track amusement. So easy it was a guilty pleasure.

If I remember correctly, this was a ride with Dave and Nick. Not sure if Nate made it to this one. Dave had multiple flats (he was trying some new-fangled type of tube that is still hanging in my garage) and had problems with his Larson TTs gripping the trail.


MTB Little Bear Loop, Flagstaff

A great mtn bike ride in Flagstaff, AZ with a LOT of climbing!

Up Christopher Creek trail. Connect with Little Bear, down Little Bear. Little Bear is the most fun/dangerous downhill ever. You can really get going fast through the forest. If you screw up, you WILL smack into a tree but it is so much fun you go as fast as you can anyway. Connected to Sunset Trail and then I can't remember which trail we took down the mountain. This was probably the best ride Dave and I did.

Dave and I drove up to Flag and got this ride in fairly late in the day. Camped near the top of Shult's Pass. Rode the next day but it wasn't near as much fun. Headed home early.


MTB Flagdona, Coconino NF

Friday: Sedona to Flagstaff, Saturday: Flagstaff to Sedona

Met Dave and Nick in Flagstaff on Friday. Rode with them to Sedona the next day. Back to Flag after the ride. Nick had a dead battery. Gave him a jump and he headed home Sat. Dave and I stayed in Flag. Walked around downtown. I remember I was not a very good wingman for Dave and that Dave missed a great opportunity to say something clever to a couple young ladies...

This appears to only be the tail-end of the first leg and the whole second leg of the trip. I think my GPS ran out of memory and started to wrap around.