ROAD TV Towers and Back, SOMO

~6am >> home >> hooked up with Pete >> 44th St >> Piedmont >> The Point >> west Baseline >> west on canal >> south on 24th St >> west on Euclid >> south on 20th >> west on Dobbins >> south on 7th >> west on Mineral / Summerside / Mineral >> south on Central >> into SOMO Park >> park road out to TV towers >> turn around and rewind

2:34 hr:min, 35.32 miles, 2949 ft ascent

Dusted off the cyclocross and met up with Pete around 6am Sat morning. Headed up to the TV towers and back. We took it easy most of the way up. We started pumping a little harder around Telegraph Pass. Pete got ahead there and stayed ahead.

I've done the ride up to Buena Vista and back 3 or 4 times but never to the TV towers.
Buena Vista usually takes ~2 hrs. This ride took just under 2.5 hrs.

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