MTB Tour de Desert Classic, SOMO

~5am >> San Gabriel >> west Desert Classic (DC) >> turn around at concrete pad at bottom of Telegraph Pass >> east DC >> goat trail to Helipad >> ridgeline descent to east DC >> Corona saddle >> Warpaint loop >> Secret >> east DC >> San Gabriel

18.6 miles, 1:58 hr:min, 1726 ft ascent

Cloudy. Wet. ~70 degrees. Perfect. Great ride. Rained last night and a few drops fell this morning. When Desert Classic is damp the sandy sections (of which there are many) turn into this super-grippy hardpack - you can really carve up the turns - what a blast! While climbing, the rear tire slipped a lot on the wet rocky outcroppings - but I'll trade a few slips for hardpack any day.

Forgot to turn on tracking on my GPS, so no track for this ride...grrr...

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