MTB Desert Classic Loops, SOMO

~5am >> hopped on Desert Classic at San Gabriel >> west on DC >> concrete pad at Telegraph >> east on DC >> right onto goat trail climb to Helipad >> ridgeline descent >> east on DC >> left to Corona de Loma saddle >> Warpaint loop >> Secret >> east on DC >> San Gabriel >> home

2:12 hr:min, 18.13 mi, 2212 ft ascent

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Rode with Kevin. Very good uneventful ride. Relatively cool and partly cloudy - good weather. Was surprised to see that it was 90 degrees when we finished.

Legs felt just a little tired from Mon & Wed rides.

My rear hub finally stopped creaking. On Wed it made one loud ringing "PIINNG" noise. Now it makes a ch...ch...ch...ch sound when you spin the cranks backward. Not noticeable while riding but I expect it to fail at any moment.


  1. Sweet ride. The question is, did you clean Goat? That is a monster climb. I'd like to clean it one day... We should hook up for a ride one of these mornings. I'd like to see if I can keep up with you, plus I'd like to drool over your Sultan.

  2. Never have. Stopped only because I was out of gas. Usually stop because rear wheel slips. Coulda kept at it but my lungs might have exploded and I had to work today...