MTB East SOMO Climbfest, SOMO

~5am >> hop on Desert Classic at San Gabriel >> east on DC >> up and over Beverly Canyon saddle >> cross Pima Canyon Rd (jeep trail) >> continue on BC >> up Javelina >> up Mormon Loop >> up National >> rest at Buena Vista >> down National >> down Mormon Loop >> jeep trail >> turn right at BC >> up and over BC saddle to DC >> exit DC at 43rd St >> home

2:20 hr:min, 13.5 mi, 2225 ft ascent (is that all?)

Rode with Kevin. Good weather - relatively cool.

Didn't feel awake enough for the climb up the south side of the Beverly Canyon saddle. What a brutal way to wake up. Wheew. Up and over the saddle. Down Beverly Canyon to the bottom of Javelina.

Didn't feel great climbing up Javelina but I only dabbed once and that was within 50 ft of the top. Turned right onto Mormon Loop.

No dabs on the Wall on Mormon Loop and was even able to turn the corner at the saddle and continue up to the steps that I can't ride over even after resting. Again, I didn't _feel_ great but I'm really happy that I could climb all that without dabbing.

Continued up Mormon Loop to National. Up National to Buena Vista. Climbed over some steps that I usually have problems with. Tried to climb up some of the water-fall (not much success).

Rested at Buena Vista. Over the steps no prob. Continued down National. Stopped at intersection of Mormon Loop and National to wait for Kevin...and waited...and turned around to check on him. Finally see him and he's stretching his shoulder and brushing off dirt. He fell (on an easy part, of course) and scraped his knee and elbow and banged his shoulder on a rock - nice bruise, I bet. Bloody knee. He seemed more annoyed than hurt.

Rest of the ride was uneventful: down Mormon Loop to jeep trail to Beverly Canyon saddle to home.

It is a little hard to believe that National is now just a normal morning ride for us. That's progress.

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