MTB Desert Classic / National Loop, SOMO

~5am start. Hop on Desert Classic at San Gabriel. West to Secret Trail. Corona de Loma saddle. Back to DC. Right (west) on DC. Ridgeline to Helipad. Goat trail to DC. Left (west) to Telegraph. HAB up Telegraph. Road to Buena Vista. Down National to Mormon Loop. Mormon Loop to jeep trail. Right at Beverly Canyon. Up and over Beverly saddle to DC. Home.

2:18 hr:min, 16.86 miles, 2478 ft ascent

Rode with Kevin. A bit humid but overall just a beautiful overcast morning. Felt really strong - the Seflagdona ride was good training. REALLY bombed down National. Made it over the stairs at Buena Vista and over a bunch of stuff that I normally wuss out on. Kevin and I both made it halfway down the waterfall (furthest yet for both of us). Just felt great.

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