MTB Sunrise Trail, McDowells

Kevin and I rode Sunrise Trail in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve on Sunday morning (http://mtbikeaz.com/trail-index/phoenix/sunrise-trail-mcdowell-sonoran-preserve). We parked at the Lost Dog Wash trailhead. The trail climbs steadily from the trailhead to the highest point. It steadily gets steeper and steeper. It is not at all technical. We skipped the the spur trail to the peak (did not appear rideable). After the peak the trail is steeper and the incline varies wildly. After reaching the Sunrise Trailhead on the east side we refueled and headed back up the mountain. It was hard work climbing back up some of those steep descents but all of it is rideable and it is only 2-or-so miles so it didn't take long. It was fun descending back into Lost Dog Wash from the peak - but not as much fun as we thought it would be - there were lots of hikers and baby heads in the way. All-in-all a good trail. I'd ride it again but I'm not eager to do it anytime soon.

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