HIKE Lost Dutchman to Peralta, Superstitions

Ken L. and I parked a car at the Peralta trailhead around 6:15am on Saturday. Drove to Lost Dutchman state park. We started hiking around 7am. Took the Siphon Draw trail up to the Flat Iron. Up and over the peak and along the ridgeline. Absolutely beautiful views of the Superstitions along the ridgeline (totally worth the effort).

Ken kinda bonked on the climb up to the Flat Iron. This is very unusual for him - he's a very strong hiker. He didn't feel well for the rest of the hike. I gave him my goo shots, some sport beans, and my cytomax. His knees were hurting too (my joints hurt when I get dehydrated and keep going). He probably started out a bit dry or low or electrolytes.

After a long, beautiful hike along the ridgeline, Weaver's Needle took on the familiar Peralta perspective and we started the descent towards the Peralta trailhead. Got off our route a bit (not sure how) but I don't think we hiked any further because of it.

It got very hot as we descended. We both ran out of water at least a few miles before the end. Ken shared some of his water with me. Finally, hit the valley floor (no more descent) but the temp was over 100 degrees and we had another mile or so to hike. Passed some hikers that were in worse shape than us (ranger and EMTs were on the scene). At the trailhead a nice fireman/EMT gave us a couple cold sports drinks (very much appreciated).

Around 1:40pm we reached my car (it was up the road a bit at a different trailhead). Jumped in and high-tailed it outta there. Stopped at the first place where we could buy cold water and gatorade. Wheew! That was the best water ever. Drove back to Lost Dutchman. Dropped Ken off at his car and headed home.

Chugged down half a gallon of fluids on the drive home. Plus a couple small glasses of juice and water after getting home. Weighed myself: 196! I'm usually ~201. Even though I drank over 100 oz of water during the hike, I lost at least a gallon of water!

Glad we did this hike but shoulda done it a month or two earlier. Chalk this one up for experience.

~11.5 miles, ~6.5 hours, ~2600 ft elevation gain, 100+ degree heat

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