MTB Geronimo and Mormom, SOMO

~5:20am >> hopped on Desert Classic at Olney >> DC to Pima >> jeep trail >> up Mormon Loop >> National >> Buena Vista parking lot >> down Geronimo to Boy Scout camp >> east to 20th St >> north on 20th to Euclid >> east on Euclid to Mormon Trail parking area (24th St) >> up Mormon Trail to Mormon Loop >> down Mormon Loop >> jeep trail >> Beverly Canyon saddle to Desert Classic >> Olney

2:14 hr:min, 12.64 mi, 2236 ft ascent

I've been wanting to check out Geronimo ever since I read the trail description on mtbikeaz.com.

Sounded like a good trail but maybe more downhill than I could handle. Only one way to find out...

Memorial Day morning was the time to do it. If necessary, I had the spare time to deal with a lot of hike-a-biking. Got up early and headed up National to the Buena Vista parking lot.

Geronimo starts at the north side of the Buena Vista parking lot. The first quarter mile or so of Geronimo is relatively smooth, fast downhill...so far, so good. It quickly becomes more steep and loose. There are many semi-natural rock ramps that the downhillers must love. In all cases, alternative routes are available for us pansy-ass XC riders - so no worries. Near the bottom the rocks get bigger and the trail is not as loose - like the bottom of the east-end of National (same strata...?). Even most of that is rideable but there are a few switchbacks that make are hard not to dab on and I just couldn't bring myself to try that stuff without being securely clipped in (especially since I was riding alone).

So, Geronimo is totally rideable and a blast almost the whole way down. I understand why downhillers love it but it isn't purely a downhiller's trail. Totally worth doing again.

Short ride on the road heading east to the Mormon Trail parking area at 24th St and Euclid. Mormon was a tough steep climb but short (~1 mile). The first part of it is mostly rideable. The middle part is a lot of HAB with some short rideable sections. The top smooths out right before it T's into Mormon Loop. Didn't seem as bad as the HAB up Telegraph Pass but I was glad to reach the top.

I'll happily ride this route again but it won't become a regular for me.

BTW - The new Continental Mountain King 2.4 29er tire worked well. Grippy on the climbs and solid on the descents. I may have finally found a good all-around 29er tire.

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