MTB Tour of Desert Classic, SOMO

home >> DC >> Pima >> DC >> Secret >> Corona >> DC >> ridgeline to Helipad >> goat trail to DC >> bottom of Telegraph >> DC >> home

Started around 5:45am from my house. Hit Desert Classic from San Gabriel entrance. East to Pima Canyon. 180 degree turn and back on DC. Right onto Secret Trail. Right on Corona de Loma saddle trail. Back down to DC. Left onto ridgeline approach to Helipad. Down goat trail from Helipad (cleared the gnarly stuff at the top!). Back to DC. Left on DC to the concrete pad at the bottom of Telegraph Pass. 180 degree turn back on DC to home.

Saw Matt and Jerod heading the other direction in two spots: on approach to Corona de Loma saddle and right before jumping off DC for home.

18.9 miles, 1:57 hr:min, 1714 ft ascent


  1. Wow - where did most of that elevation come from? Ridgeline?

  2. Ridgeline, Corona, the climb out of the foothills...