National and then a kids ride

Kevin and I headed up National at 5:30. My first time up since knee surgery in May.

Ugh. Odd ride. Not sure if it was the early ride time, lack of caffeine, stress during the week, or what - just couldn't drag my ass up the hill. Did ok on the Mormon wall but then I was thoroughly pooped. Climbed up to Fat Man's Pass and decided to call it quits. Was worried I'd be so exhausted that I'd screw up on the downhill and hurt myself. Was glad when that ride was over. [Still glad I went though.]

Then Kevin and I took Rylan, Ian and Conner for a ride on Desert Classic. Everyone had fun. Rylan didn't pay attention to what I was asking him to do (like stay with me while we ride on the street, don't cut in front of other riders, etc) and I had to cut the ride short. I think Kevin, Ian, and Conner kept riding to the water tower.

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