Fury and Dawn To Dusk, McDowell Regional Park

The 24 Hours of Fury went well. I completed 13 laps. Finished 7th again. No mechanicals. No injury. Cramped up again - I think I just need to take longer breaks and go slower on the first couple laps (which is much harder than you might think).

I was in good spirits the whole race but the 3am lap was mentally challenging. Had to get off the bike for a while and nap. Felt much, much better after a ~3 hour nap. Got back on the bike and hammered out lap after lap until I ran out of time.

My left big toe is still numb from the race - might be permanently numb. I think my days of 24 hour solo races are over. Next year, I'm thinking 12 hour solo.

My friends, Kevin and Ryan, who raced in the 12 hour duo category finished 11 laps. They were flying! Great job guys!

I haven't ridden since the race. I had planned to avoid riding the week after the race but then I got sick. Had a bad sinus infection, then a cold, then pink-eye. Now everything has cleared up except a persistent cough...I feel fine, I just cough frequently.

Worst thing about being sick: I missed the Flight of the Pigs this year. :( Major bummer.

The Dawn to Dusk race is tomorrow (Dec 5th). I plan to participate. We'll see how it goes.

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