White Elephant Parade, SOMO

Information available on facebook.
This is a Flight of the Pigs inspired ride for the Christmas/New Year holiday. Join us December 26th for a challenging ride followed by lunch at my house.

We will cover some less used and difficult trails on South Mountain. Due to its difficulty, beginners should not participate. Participants should be able to ride from the ramadas at Pima Canyon to the Buena Vista parking lot in less than an hour. If you can't do that, please don't attempt this ride.

This is a totally unsupported ride. You must bring everything you need and ride at your own risk. Suggested items: lots of water and food, spare tubes, pump, first aid kit, cell phone, etc. You are expected to carry everything you need - even in an emergency.

MUST READ: National and Geronimo are fairly technical trails. If you aren't familiar with those trails and/or you aren't comfortable with technical riding, I strongly recommend that you pre-ride National Trail from the Pima Ramadas to Telegraph Pass (stay on the trail the whole way). Otherwise, please stay home. We want to ride bikes, not helicopters and we want lunch afterward, not a cat-scan at the trauma center.

We'll meet at Western Star Park at 8am. Route: Get on Desert Classic at Olney. DC to Pima Canyon. Head up the National Trail access road. Up Mormon/National to the Buena Vista parking lot. National Trail coast-to-coast (almost). Take the Desert Classic Extension (west side of South Mountain) and then a bit of road back to Telegraph Pass. Hike-a-bike up Telegraph Pass. Road to Holbert to National to Buena Vista. Down Geronimo to the Scout Camp. Road/canals back to the bottom of Beverly Canyon. Beverly Canyon to Desert Classic. East on Desert Classic to Olney to your vehicle at Western Star Park.

Approximately 40 miles. We should be done by 3:30pm. No guarantee.

Everyone must RSVP on facebook or by email at least a week ahead of time so I know how much food to provide.

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